What Kinds Of Beechworth Accommodation You Can Choose From

By Jasmine Zahara

It's hard to think of a golf rush town anywhere in the Victoria region that is better preserved than Beechworth. It's magnificently restored central area consists of some stunning 19th century buildings. The streets have a very special ambiance, aided by the numerous old pubs brimming with character and the many cafes and restaurants where you can while away the hours over a drink or a plate of good food. For shoppers there are a large number of galleries and handcraft shops - enough to keep even the most avid browser occupied for many hours. Beechworth accommodation options are extremely varied - you will find everything from basic camping sites to luxurious hotels.

At the bottom of the range you get the hostels and motels. These provide clean, basic accommodation for those travelling on a budget. Use the Internet to get some information about a place before you make a reservation. Many websites have review sections where visitors can grade an establishment on a scale of one to ten and give their general impressions.

Hostels are no longer just for young people. Regardless of your age, if you like meeting people, a hostel might be a very good idea. Most hostels have kitchen facilities, so you can save on eating out by preparing one or more meals yourself. Any good hostel will have Internet facilities and there should be a public area where guests can meet and mingle and have the occasional barbeque. Some upmarket hostels even have luxuries such as swimming pools and TVs in the room.

If you are a family man, the self-catering establishments will certainly appeal to you. This type of accommodation is really like having a home from home. There is a kitchen, a dining room area, a lounge with TV and of course one or more bedrooms. Facilities you find at many of these establishments include swimming pools, barbeque areas and safe parking for your vehicle. For large families this is the ideal way to save money when they travel.

If you love the great outdoors, the area around Beechworth provides more than sufficient caravan sites and camping accommodation. Make sure that your caravan site has electricity and that the ablution blocks are clean before you check in. If it's summertime, try to get a site that is at least partly in the shade. A caravan can get uncomfortably hot in summer.

If you don't want to rough it too much, yet you like a more personal experience than you will get at most hotels, the many B&Bs in the area should strongly appeal to you. Beechworth has B&Bs in all price ranges, so regardless of the size of your wallet you are bound to find something suitable. While (mostly) not as luxurious as hotels, they nevertheless offer all the comforts you are used to at home, with the added bonus of a much more personal atmosphere. If you like meeting other guests over breakfast and to share stories over the dinner table, this is the perfect option for you.

The choice of hotels in and around Beechworth is sufficient to satisfy the needs of virtually every type of visitor. There are quite a number of establishments catering for those on a budget who only want a clean, well-kept place. For the average family there's more than enough three and four star hotels and for the refined world traveller who wants only the best, Beechworth has more than one establishment that will surprise them with the level of comfort they provide.

Beechworth accommodation options truly cater for all tastes and budget ranges. Regardless of your choice, you are going to have a superb time in this lovely part of the country.

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