Top Caravan Accessories Explained

By Kevin Irving

Having the ideal caravan extras can significantly add to your caravan holiday because they help make your caravan a home-away-from-home.

Portable toilets are some individual's initial caravan accessory because there are situations when the public facilities inside a caravan park are quite a journey from your caravan site, especially during inclement weather. Nowadays, portable camping toilets are designed to ensure that continual emptying is not required, they are very hygienic and are generally rather well-priced, even for the most frugal of spenders.

Fresh water is vital, so obtaining a water container is a wonderful way to go. This of course, has a few issues, one in particular being the back-breaking process of transporting your full water container from the water supply back to your caravan! This is when the Aquaroll will come in very helpful! Now, we usually don't like to promote single brands, however the Aquaroll is an exemption to the rule. It's essentially barrel that has a handle that can be drawn along behind you while you walk, totally eliminating the neccessity to carry your water container!

Awnings are a fantastic caravan accessory. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes, which range from a small extension from your doorway, to a full-sized awning that spans the length of your caravan. You can add annexes for additional space, nevertheless an awning alone can make substantial extra space that assists to alleviate the confined feeling that can come from having everything inside the caravan.

Inner tents are another excellent addition. These may be used to partition off an area within the awning or perhaps provide extra privacy if the awning might be used for a sleeping area. A very useful hint with inner tents is to obtain one that has a sew-in groundsheet!

You're obviously going to need to purchase a toe ball fixed on your vehicle. An exceptionally handy accessory here, especially for inexperienced caravan owners, is a tow ball stabilizer. It is stated that these devices improve towing by as much as 30%!

Not surprisingly, there are many other items you could collect over time. Kettles, toasters, cookers, chairs, tables, sleeping bags, small tents and swags plus recreational equipment, such as fishing tackle, sporting goods and hiking equipment. Many electrical devices can be bought as specifically made caravan appliances that are low-amp, thus a considerably lower likelihood of blowing your fuses!. The caravan accessory list actually is almost endless, however the above are some of the most valuable to take into consideration if you're a first-time caravan owner.

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  3. I just recently bought a caravan for my family. We have some fun trips planned with it. I want to get some accessories to make it even better. I think that my kids would love to have a TV in it.
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  4. I have a friend who is getting some new accessories for his camping caravan. There's going to be a tent attachment and a few other things. They're keeping it strictly camping focused, though, no "civilized comforts" like TV. Thiago |

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  6. My caravan needs a car top carrier box. When I was younger, my parents had one that would fit my wheelchair in it. Now that I have several kids, I need to find a place on the exterior to place our stuff. Do they still make car top bucket carriers?