Blenheim's Accessible Winery Tours and Accommodation

By Virginia Hodson

Blenheim is the centre of Marlborough. Wine is a key feature of the area as Marlborough is New Zealand's largest winemaking region.

Due to the large number of vineyards available in Blenheim, this is the perfect place for you to access different wineries available in this area.

Your stay could get even better because of the fantastic restaurants available in the area as well as a splendid scenery of the whole Blenheim wineries. These accommodations are all top of the line.

With the perfect weather, sunny climate and dry summers, Blenheim is absolutely the perfect place for grape growing. The area is surrounded by mountain ranges and hills and is located on a straight valley along the banks of Wairau River. As it has temperate weather and fertile soil, it is has become the center of wine and cuisine in New Zealand.

Accommodation in Blenheim can be yours at a price Why not try Marlborough for a different kind of vacation?

You can also enjoy private group tours in a super-stretch Lincoln Limousine. In these tours, you can enjoy the best wine in the region and your wine preferences will be considered.

This trail is easy to access even if you are travelling with your private cars . The trail is surrounded by splendid sceneries of many wineries located along the New Renwick Road and the banks of Wairau River. Many popular vineyards and other smaller boutique wineries are located near this area.

Throughout the week, most of these wineries are open during 9am to 5pm. Other wineries are only available through appointment. You can also stay at a winery and be assured that it your accommodation is Marlborough luxury accommodation; you are sure to love it!

David Herd and Charles Empson, the early Blenheim pioneers, have founded a vineyard and winery in the foothills of the Southern Alps. The duo proceeded to establish a well reputed grape wine and small winemaking operations.

Marlborough was chosen as the perfect place for the New Zealand's largest wine producer to expand their operation in the early 1970's. Marlborough's long autumn, crisp and cool winters and perfect soil types became the perfect place for the expansion.

During this period, Ernie Hunter, who is a boutique vintner, decided that the high quality wines they produced could be promoted overseas. They set path in flourishing their export market. This was also the time when the first boutique was established.

The tremendous success of these wineries leads the other companies to switch in this kind of business. Many international companies saw the potentials of the Marlborough wine industries.

Now, with over 9000 hectares of vineyard, this area is now considered as the largest wine growing region in the country. Pinot Noir, Merlot, Pinot Gris,Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling,Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer are the varieties of grapes grown in this area.

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